Origami is an art which has different levels of understanding. It is one of the things which enters our lives in the very beginning of our learning process at Kindergarten but can stay long enough in our lives that we can be teaching this art to our grandchildren in the future. Here are some of the super easy origami crafts for kids that you can teach them.

Origami Fish

Use an origami or a normal paper and cut out a square piece from it. Fold it in half diagonally and create a neat crease from one corner to the other. Create another crease in the opposite direction and try to get your corners as pointy as they can.

Now fold is into half by aligning the edges and folding right from the diagonal intersection. Repeat the same for the other two edges. By now you will have 8 creases emerging from the centre to the edges and corners.

Take the two opposite points at the edges and bring them together, and fold the paper in such a way that all the four corners are aligned over each other in two pairs. Now you will have a triangle with two points of two angles of the triangle.

Fold one of the corners inside over a centimetre further than the centre line and then repeat the same for another corner on the adjacent side. Turn it around, and you will find a simple triangle fish. Draw the eyes and fins to complete your origami.

Origami Birds

Use an origami or a normal piece of paper and cut out a square piece from it. Fold this square piece diagonally and draw a neat crease. Open the fold and repeat the same for the other half as well.

Keep the paper folded diagonally and make another fold by taking one smaller corner of the triangle and aligning it to the top of the triangle along the centre line of the paper. Repeat the same for the other side as well.

Now fold the paper through the new diagonal half on the open side. Take the new smaller angle and bring it to the to angle of the triangle aligned to the centre crease. Note that the other angle has the rest of the three angles. Now open the last fold that you did and bring the top angle down to a half fold. Now use the other three open ends to free the folds and use another fold for the outside to inside. Now fold the other two corners outwards to make wings.

Fold the single corner side to both the sides and then fold it inwards to make the beak. Draw the eyes and other details to complete your bird origami.